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Maître Kolinsky, lawyer in Schaerbeek (Brussels), social and family law

Maître Kolinsky will welcome you to his law practice in Schaerbeek (Brussels) to discuss matters relating to social law (employment law) and family law.

Experience, competence and a listening ear are his chief qualities. He can assist you in connection with legal proceedings in various situations relating, in particular, to social and family law.

Employment law encompasses employment contract law (conclusion, maintenance and breach of employment contract, rights and obligations of the employer and employee, holidays, etc.) and the law of collective labour relations (law of trade union organisations, law of collective representation, collective agreements, etc.). It also covers social security law.

Our firm therefore handles contracts and dismissals, as well as any disputes between employer and employee (sickness, health insurance, etc.). We also handle the following matters:

Family law:

divorce, succession, legal administration, pensions and liquidation of community property (separation of estate during a divorce), adoption

Criminal law:

rights of aliens and legalisation

Litigation between two people, acknowledgement of debt, dispute with insurance

Traffic matters / Police court

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